DU PhD Admissions 2023-24

DU PhD Admissions 2023-24

The application window for Dhaka University (DU) PhD programs for the academic session 2023–24 has closed. This article serves as a reference for those who might be considering applying in the upcoming year (2024–25).

Important Note: The information provided here pertains to the recently concluded admissions for 2023–24.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical DU PhD admission process:

  • Application Phases: DU often conducts PhD admissions in multiple phases. The specific dates and number of phases can vary depending on the department. Stay updated by checking the official DU website ( and the websites of your desired departments.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Eligibility requirements are determined by the department offering the PhD program. Generally, a Master’s degree in a relevant field is mandatory. Specific details, like minimum marks and research experience, can be found on departmental websites or prospectuses.
  • Entrance Exams: Some departments may require a separate entrance exam in addition to your academic qualifications.
  • Selection Process: Shortlisted candidates are typically called for interviews. The interview performance holds significant weight in the final selection.

Resources for Future Applicants

  • DU Website:
  • Departmental Websites: Each department at DU has its own website. Look for specific information about PhD programs and admissions on the website of your chosen department.
  • DU PhD Noticeboard: The university noticeboard ( might display announcements regarding upcoming PhD admissions.

Planning for the Next Admission Cycle

While the 2023–24 application period is over, you can take proactive steps to prepare for the upcoming admissions cycle (likely to be announced around April 2024):

  1. Research Program Options: Explore the PhD programs offered by different departments at DU. Identify programs that align with your research interests and career goals.
  2. Contact Potential Supervisors: Reach out to professors whose research aligns with yours to discuss potential PhD projects. Strong faculty support can significantly enhance your application.
  3. Strengthen Your Application: Focus on improving your academic qualifications and research experience. Consider publishing research papers or participating in conferences to bolster your profile.

By starting early and following these tips, you can increase your chances of securing admission to a DU PhD program in the upcoming academic year.  DU PhD Admissions 2023-24

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